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Municipal Talent Center Party Committee Invited Party Construction Work Research Expert Li Mingsheng to Conduct Special Party Construction Work Training




In order to further strengthen the building of grass-roots party organizations in the Talent Center, we will work hard to strengthen the political functions of grass-roots party branches, enhance their organizational capabilities, better fulfill their responsibilities, play a role, and promote the work of the center. On the afternoon of November 12, the Party Committee of the Talent Center invited Comrade Li Mingsheng, the editor-in-chief of the Frontline Magazine of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and an expert on party building research, to give a tutorial lecture entitled "The Way of Thinking and Working Method of the Secretary of the Party Organization at the Basic Level". The special training was hosted by Comrade Liu Junjing, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Center, and more than 100 secretaries, party cadres, and party members from the Talent Center and its affiliated (management) units participated in the training. As part of the training of the secretary of the grass-roots party organization of the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the training is highly valued. Comrade Li Jinhu, the full-time deputy secretary of the party committee of the organ, the full-time secretary of the relevant unit of the bureau, and all the comrades of the bureau's party committee attended the training.

Combining the basic concepts, ideological methods, and working methods of grass-roots party building work, Comrade Li Mingsheng incorporates Xi Jinping's new era socialist thought with Chinese characteristics, the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress, and the spirit of the National Organizational Work Conference into new ideas, new perspectives, and new conclusions. In his personal long-term grass-roots practical work experience, he has used a large number of fresh cases to explain the ideas and methods of grass-roots party organization construction, both theoretically and practically.

The majority of party members thought that the tutorial was profoundly simple, vivid and thirsty. They broadened their horizons and were inspired by it. Everyone said that they would seriously absorb and absorb the training content, apply the training results to future party building work, continuously improve the organizational strength and standardization of the party organization, give full play to the role of the party branch as a fortress, and continue to promote the development of the center.

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