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Beijing Talent Service Center's mobile party members affiliated with the Party Committee to carry out the study and education plan of "Learn Party Constitution, Party Regulations, Learn Series Speeches, Become Qualified Party Members"

According to the deployment and requirements of the "Beijing Talent Service Center's study and education work plan to carry out" learning the party charter and party rules and studying a series of speeches and being a qualified party member "among all party members, and combining the actual situation of mobile party members, the" two studies and one action " The learning and education arrangements are as follows.

I. Main tasks

The whole party's in-depth study and education on "two studies and one action" is an important practice to implement the party constitution's requirements for strengthening the management of party members' education and to deepen intra-party education for all party members. An important measure to extend concentrated education to regular education. To carry out the "two-learning-one-doing" study and education, the basics are in learning, and the key is to do. Learning and education adhere to the following principles: adhere to the principle of positive education and arm the mind with scientific theories; adhere to the combination of learning and practice and unite knowledge and action; adhere to problem orientation and focus on practical results; adhere to leadership and take the lead in the above; The Central Party Committee combines the actualities and characteristics of mobile party members, insists on seeking truth from facts, focuses on the education of the majority of party members, and adopts various forms to enhance the enthusiasm and initiative of the majority of mobile party members to participate in learning and education.

Main contents of learning and education

Focusing on studying party constitutions and party regulations and studying important speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping, deepening the understanding of party constitutions and party regulations in the series of lectures, and profoundly understanding the basic spirit and practical requirements of the series of speeches in studying party constitutions and party regulations.

(1) Learn Party Constitution and Rules. Earnestly study the internal regulations of the CPC, including the Constitution of the Communist Party of China, the Guidelines for the Clean and Self-discipline of the Communist Party of China, and the Regulations of the Communist Party of China on Disciplinary Actions. The duties and rights of party members respect the party constitution, abide by it, safeguard the party constitution, strengthen ideals and convictions, and be absolutely loyal to the party.

(2) Learn a series of speeches. The majority of party members should pay attention to learning and comprehending the basic spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of important speeches, learning and understanding the basic content of the new ideas and strategies of the party's central government and governing the country. basic requirements.

(3) Be a qualified party member. Insist on promoting action with knowledge, emphasizing political eligibility, implementation of discipline, moral character, and effective functioning. Do the "fourth:" Politics, faith, discipline, discipline, morality, character, dedication, and dedication. " Talk about four have "qualified party members.

The Central Party Committee proposed to carry out the activities of “improving party spirit awareness” among mobile party members. The first is to maintain the political nature of party members. Resolutely and consciously maintain ideological and political action with the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as General Secretary, strictly observe political disciplines and political rules, and be a politically understandable person. The second is to adhere to the party's organizational principles. Maintain effective contact with party organizations, participate in the party's organizational life on time, pay party fees on time, and earnestly complete the tasks assigned by the party organization; Be honest and disciplined. The third is to set a good example among the masses. In their respective positions, maintain the spirit of entrepreneurship and pioneering spirit of cadres, and love their posts and dedication; in daily life, they modelly abide by national laws and regulations, distinguish right from wrong, maintain social morality, actively participate in social public welfare activities, and truly reflect the politics of party members. Quality. The fourth is to carry forward the new socialist fashion. Efforts to implement the core values of socialism, so that they can be seen in normal times, and can be rushed at critical moments.

(4) Strengthen the management of the mobile party branch. Taking learning and education as an opportunity, strengthen the construction of mobile party members and party branches, innovate activities, increase the learning participation rate of party members, and improve the education and management services for party members. Combining two concentrated investigations of the relationship between party members and organizations, in accordance with the principle of "full coverage", relying on organizations, individuals, and social forces to further carry out the "organize party members, party members find organizations, party members find party members" action, find lost party members, and rationalize party members Organizational relationships. At the same time, in the "two studies, one doing" study and education, the party branch should implement the "three meetings and one lesson" system, hold a special organized life conference, conduct democratic evaluation of party members, and other tasks, so that the party branch's organizational life and party member education Management gradually became stricter and more effective.

Third, focus on learning and education

Adhering to problem orientation, focusing on problems and rectification is the main practice and successful experience. It is necessary for mobile party members to adhere to this principle when conducting "two studies and one action" study and education.

After a preliminary review, the Party Committee of the Center believes that the following outstanding problems should be solved in carrying out the "two studies, one doing" study and education. Focus on solving the problem of blurring and shaking of some party members' ideals and beliefs. The main manifestations are lack of faith in communism, lack of confidence in socialism with Chinese characteristics, spiritual emptiness, and the role of pioneering role models are not obvious. Focus on solving the problem of weakening the awareness of some party members. The main manifestations are Organizational discipline is lax, and there is no contact with the organization for a long period of time, no party fees are paid, and it is in a state of "lost association"; efforts have been made to solve the problem of the weak and scattered organization of some mobile party members. The main manifestations are the poor implementation of the organizational system and the failure to carry out party organization activities .

3. Learning and education methods and schedule

Carry out the "two studies, one doing" study and education, focusing on the party branch as the basic unit, the "three meetings and one lesson" as the basic form of the party's organizational life, and the implementation of the party member education management system as the basis.

(I) Learning Mobilization Stage (July-August)

1. Held a learning and education mobilization deployment meeting. The Party Committee of the Central Committee organized the mobile party members and the secretary of the party branch to hold a mobilization and deployment conference for learning and education, and comprehensively started the "two studies and one action" study and education for mobile party members. For the party branch secretary who failed to participate in the mobilization meeting, the Central Party Committee Office will also adopt rolling training methods to strengthen education and mobilization.

2. The mobile party branch organized re-mobilization and redeployment. Each mobile party member and party branch adopts centralized learning, organization activities, etc., and communicates the situation of the central party committee's "two studies, one doing" study and education to each party member of the party branch through face-to-face communication, telephone notification, and WeChat QQ interaction. And distributed learning materials to enable each party member to participate in the "two groups and one do" study and education. Through various methods, strengthen the ties between party branches and mobile party members, and let more mobile party members "go home" through learning and education.

3. Find out more about contacting party members. The Central Party Committee Office will combine the actual situation of party members' inspections on two occasions. On the one hand, it will continue to increase the search, and on the other hand, it will cooperate with various party branches to ensure that the participation rate of "two studies and one action" study and education is maximized. All party branches should make statistics on the status of party members who have not participated in the study and mobilization and lost party members, and report the situation to the Central Party Committee Office in a timely manner. For party members who are unable to participate in centralized learning and education for various reasons, the Central Party Committee Office will send learning materials to each party member in other ways, and pass information to them, so that more mobile party members understand that the organization is concerned about them and the organization is looking for them. they.

(2) Carry out "three major" activities (September to October)

In the "two-learning-one-doing" study and education, activities of "big discussion", "big exchange" and "big display" should be extensively carried out to deepen the study and education.

1. Start a discussion about being a qualified party member. Combining being a "four lectures and four having" qualified party members and carrying out "improvement of party spirit" activities, organized a discussion of qualified party members with the party branch as a unit, and through the talk of everyone, everyone, to strengthen each mobile party member to compete for one A sense of urgency and mission for qualified party members.

2. Carry out a large exchange of learning and experience. In organizing study mobilization, collective learning, and discussion activities, party branches require each party member to personally write their own learning experience and talk about their learning knowledge. It can be concise quotations or long-form discussions. Each party branch Collect the collected experiences and send them to the Central Party Committee Office, and the Central Party Committee Office will select the best ones to publish through the column of Beijing Talent Network “Mobile Home of Party Members” and compile a learning education briefing for everyone to learn from.

3. Make a great show of outstanding deeds. The Central Party Committee Office combined the "two excellents first" commendation activities, summarized the deeds of advanced party organizations and outstanding party members of mobile party members, fully demonstrated that mobile party members are practicing socialist core values, actively contributing to the economic and social development of the capital, Posts play a vanguard role and create deeds and styles to strive for excellence. Party branches can also combine the "two studies, one doing" study and education, and actively publicize the good practices and good experience of party members in their branches to actively participate in learning and education. Through the large-scale exhibition activities, the majority of mobile party members formed a good atmosphere of aligning with advanced, learning advanced, respecting advanced, and striving to be advanced.

(3) Evaluation and summary (November-December)

According to the requirements of the center's "two studies, one doing" study and education work plan and planning arrangement, the party branches organized party members to hold special organization and living meetings, conducted personal cross-checks, conducted criticism and self-criticism, and conducted party member reviews and conclusions. For party members who are unable to participate in the review work, the party branch requires them to write personal comparison materials and submit them to the party branch. The party branch shall report the work of carrying out the "two studies, one doing" study and education to the Central Party Committee Office in a timely manner. The Central Party Committee Office will combine the situation of party members and democratic evaluation to discriminate different situations of party members who fail to perform, and carefully organize and deal with them according to the deployment and requirements of their superiors.

Fourth, strengthen organizational security

The "two studies and one action" study and education of mobile party members was carried out under the unified leadership of the Party Committee of the Central Committee. A "two studies and one action" study and education coordination group for mobile party members was established. Comrades of the office and backbone party members of the mobile party members. The coordinating group has an office, which is located in the office of the Central Party Committee. It is responsible for the promotion and implementation of the "two studies, one doing" study and education for mobile party members.

(1) Strengthen the implementation of responsibilities. All party branches should regard the implementation of "two learning, one doing" study and education as a major political task, fulfill their responsibilities, and plan specific study and education plans for each party branch in accordance with the study and education work plan and planning arrangements of the Party Committee of the Talent Center. Carefully arranged, carefully organized and well implemented. The party branch secretary is the first person responsible for the study and education of the "two studies and one action", and should have the ideology, responsibilities, organization, and implementation in place. Give full play to the collective strength of the members of the party branch committee members, and concentrate the wisdom and strength of everyone to truly carry out the "two learning, one doing" study and education, and put it into practice, so that the majority of mobile party members in this party-wide study and education All members of the school are educated and do not leave behind.

(2) Provide various safeguards. The Central Party Committee will combine the requirements for carrying out learning and education, and provide large conference rooms and multi-functional halls on the fifth floor of the Talent Building as venues for party branches to organize learning and education. At the same time, it will provide necessary learning materials and necessary special funding support to ensure that the party branch can Normally carry out and promote learning and education, and complete various tasks.

(3) Do a good job of guidance. The Party Committee of the Center will organize and organize the work conference of mobile party members of the city's human resources and public service organizations in due course to understand the overall progress of learning and education in each district organization, exchange their good experiences and good practices of mobile party members' "two learning, one doing" study and education, and learn from each other. Explore new ideas for improving the education and management of mobile party members.


Beijing Talent Service Center Party Committee Office

July 5, 2016


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