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Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Held the First "Jian Yu Cup" Badminton Mixed Team Tournament

   周年,进一步推动我局全民健身运动蓬勃开展,局直属机关工会于830日组织开展了市人力社保局第一届“健羽杯”羽毛球混合团体赛,来自局机关、事业单位12支代表队近70人报名参赛。 In order to welcome the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and further promote the vigorous development of the National Fitness Campaign of the Bureau, the labor union directly under the Bureau organized the first “Jian Yu Cup” badminton mixed team competition on August 30 from the Bureau. Nearly 70 people from 12 teams of government agencies and institutions registered for the competition.



Members of the Bureau ’s party group and Deputy Director Comrade Xun Lianzhong attended the opening ceremony and gave speeches, encouraging athletes to play in style and level, and showing the style of human and social security personnel. 同志宣布比赛开始。 Comrade Wu Yan , deputy secretary of the party committee of the bureau and full-time vice chairman of the union of the bureau directly under the bureau, announced the start of the competition. On the field, the players were brave and eager to smash, smash and smash, nervous and gripping; under the field, there was applause, cheers and excitement. 获得冠军,人才服务中心一队获得亚军,人事考试中心一队、二队并列季军。 After intense competition, the first team of the bureau won the championship, the first team of the talent service center won the second place, and the first and second teams of the personnel test center tied for third place.




周年为契机,弘扬了全民健身的精神,丰富了干部职工文化生活,进一步激发广大职工以健康的体魄、拼搏的精神在本职岗位上建功立业,为首都人力社保事业创新发展做贡献。 This competition took the opportunity to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, promoted the spirit of national fitness, enriched the cultural life of cadres and employees, and further inspired the majority of employees to build their careers in their posts with a healthy physique and hard work, and to provide social security for the capital. Contributing to career innovation and development.

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